Catskills Provisions

Claire Marin, proprietor and beekeeper of Catskill Provisions.

Claire Marin, proprietor and beekeeper of Catskill Provisions.

Proprietor and head beekeeper at Catskills Provisions, Claire Marin, started by following her passion and ordering a single beekeeping kit. Living in the small town of Long Eddy in the New York Catskill Mountains, Claire became more and more interested in her bees and the wonderful raw honey they worked together to create. Claire learned from her bees and decided to take a page from their book and start her own local, community business. With a bounty of local resources and farmers in Upstate New York and a dedication to sustainable, raw food products, Catskill Provisions was born.

Catskill Provisions produces a line of 100% raw, organic, and sustainable New York State honey and maple syrup food products. Claire keeps over 300 beehives throughout Upstate New York, in Madison, Delaware, and Sullivan Counties. She also works with local New York City beekeepers and keeps hives on rooftops within Manhattan, on West 10th Street. Catskill Provisions works with fourth generation maple famers and taps about 2,000 maple trees in Upstate New York to produce their delicious 100% pure maple syrup and maple food products. A strong dedication to quality, local products as well as a sustainable production process, has led to the most delicious and pure honey and maple syrup food products.

The Catskill Provisions delicious product line includes a wide variety of raw honey and pure maple syrup products. The 100% raw spring and fall wildflower honeys are never heated so that they maintain all of the antioxidants and amino acids that are usually lost in large-scale honey production. The spring wildflower honey is a light golden honey that is harvested in early spring when the bees are feeding on cherry blossoms, pear, clover, and apple, which delivers these wonderful flavors to their honey. This honey is great for mixing with yogurt dishes, fruits, and mild cheeses. The fall wildflower honey is a dark and rich honey harvested in mid to late autumn when the bees are feeding on sunflowers, cornflowers, maple, and chestnut, which delivers hints of these wonderful flavors to the honey. This honey is great for using in tea, cocktails, savory cooking, and eating with pungent cheeses. Claire Marin and Catskill Provisions has also started distilling a wonderfully balanced and well rounded 80 proof NY state rye that’s flavored with some of their raw wildflower honey.  Catskill Provisions uses their raw local honey to make other products such as their delicious raw NY state chocolate honey truffles and their NY state honey whiskey chocolate truffles. After trying these 100% raw NY state honey products you will never go back to ordinary mass-produced honey!

Claire and the fourth generation maple farmers she works with create some of the pure, most delicious maple syrup in NY State. This maple syrup is cooked to a temperature of about 180 to 200 degrees and then filtered 12 times through a natural paper to help purify the product and increase clarity. This light bodied, flavorful maple syrup goes great with the Catskill Provisions artisanal, organic pancake and waffle mix. Catskill Provisions also creates a delicious line of maple sugar blends by continuing to cook down the maple syrup into a fine sugar. These maple sugar blends are great for rimming cocktails, sprinkling on all sorts of foods, spice rubs, and as a natural substitute for sugar.

The Catskill Provisions honey and maple syrup is also used to make a delicious line of cooking and grilling marinades and sauces. Their all-natural ketchup tastes just like traditional ketchup without any of the added sugar, just a bit of raw wildflower honey. Catskill Provisions is dedicated to sustainability, environmental protection, and delicious raw and local products. Click on our shop now section to pick up some of these amazing local NY State products!