Crown Maple

The beautiful forests of Madava Farms in Dutchess County, New York, home of Crown Maple. 

The beautiful forests of Madava Farms in Dutchess County, New York, home of Crown Maple. 

Crown Maple sustainably creates a line of delicious maple products on Madava Farms, 800 acres of beautiful farmland in the heart of Dutchess County, New York. This "bark to bottle" and “tree to table” company is quickly setting the standards of excellence in sustainable maple production and pure maple flavor.

Founded by Robb and Lydia Turner in 2010, Madava Farms is named after their two daughters Maddie and Ava.  This 800-acre plot of land is comprised of about 25,000 maple trees belonging to the very large Taconic Hardwood Forest, which spans from the New York Hudson Valley well into central Vermont. These 25,000 maple trees have over 40,000 taps wired into them to extract the sap. Younger trees only get tapped once, but mature trees of 80 years and older produce more sap and can be tapped more than once. Maple trees on average can live to be about 300 – 400 years old, continually being tapped to extract their sap. Crown Maple uses thousands of miles of this tubing, which draws the sap directly from the maple tree and sends it to their processing plant, which is a much cleaner and more pure production method than traditional collecting baskets.

It takes about 40 to 50 gallons of tree sap to make one gallon of pure maple syrup. Executive chef at Madava Farms, Jacob Griffin, explains that the best syrup is about 2 percent sugar, which may require longer cooking if it is lighter than that. He also explains that it takes on average about 5 days in order for maple trees to produce the 40-50 gallons of sap required for one gallon of syrup. Crown Maple uses a reverse-osmosis machine in their production, which allows the evaporating of most of the water from the sap so it does not need to be heated, preventing the syrup from burning and becoming bitter. Due to their sustainable, innovative “bark to bottle” system of maple production, Crown Maple syrup has higher sugar content than most other syrups.

Crown Maple Syrup is categorized into three different grades: light amber, medium amber, and dark amber. The light Amber syrup has more of a mild sap/maple taste and has a finish of browned butter. The medium amber syrup has a stronger, earthier flavor of sap and maple and finishes with a certain autumn spiciness of leaves, roasted nuts, and roasted spices. The dark amber syrup has the richest and sweetest taste of them all with a heavy taste of molasses and a hint of chocolate; this syrup is best used for cooking and making sauces. Check out our shop online tab to pick up a bottle of this delicious and sustainable pure New York maple syrup!