Eleanor's Best

Jennifer Mercurio, Founder and President of Eleanor's Best Jams, Preserves, and Marmalades. 

Jennifer Mercurio, Founder and President of Eleanor's Best Jams, Preserves, and Marmalades. 

Eleanor’s Best is a small, family-owned company that makes and sells artisanal handmade jams, preserves, and marmalades. They are located in Philipstown, NY, which lies in the heart of the beautiful New York Hudson Valley. Jennifer Mercurio, founder and president of Eleanor’s Best, is in this business to share the intense fruity flavors of their childhood. They wanted to recreate these flavors that explode in your mouth and make you salivate. Jennifer succeeded, as all of these jams, preserves, and marmalades are unique, delicious, and full of bold flavor.


Eleanor’s Best prides itself on making products and food they are proud to serve their own families. They know that real food tastes better and that jarred food doesn’t mean processed food. Each one of the Eleanor’s Best products contains five ingredients or less. Their flavors are clear, crisp, and bold so that you’ll end up using less of their product and tasting more. The company sources local ingredients whenever possible. They make a point to know all of the farmers and the particular field/grove that their produce comes from. Eleanor’s Best likes using all locally grown, pesticide free Hudson Valley produce. All of their products are naturally vegan and gluten free. No dyers, additives, preservatives, or filler are used in these products.

Jennifer buys the jars for Eleanor’s Best jam from a historic American manufacturer that uses all recyclable and reusable materials. They use all American manufactured lids, boxes, and labels. Eleanor’s Best is dedicated to supporting their local economy, local communities, and family farms. None of their production or manufacturing is outsources. Jennifer and her team stands over pots of steaming jam making small batches to maintain quality and consistency. Eleanor’s Best hand cuts their own marmalade, sorts their own fruit, and hand stirs their own products. People who try these Jams can tell the difference between these products and everything else on the shelves.

People always ask who exactly Eleanor is. Founder and president Jennifer Merucrio live in a family full of Eleanor’s. Her Great grandmother, Grandmother, Aunt, and Godmother all shared the same name Eleanor. These women all taught her how to cook and passed down the artisan skill and love for jam making. All of the Eleanor’s had a large impact on Jennifer and the formation of her business and her products, therefore naming her product for them, Eleanor’s Best. Shop online with Louis Winz and pick up a few hand packed jars of Eleanor’s Best jams, preserves, and marmalades and add a kick to your toast and scones!