Jar Goods

Sisters-in-law Melissa and Laura Vitelli started jar Goods with the goal of jarring their delicious, specialty sauces so that people can have them in their pantry always ready to use. These sisters had an initial investing of only 150 dollars, which allowed them to begin bottling Pa Vitelli’s famous tomato sauce. Laura and Melissa were handcrafting and jarring their sauce. They labeled their first product as the Classic Red, the superstar of their delicious, specialty sauces.

In May 2013, Laura and Melissa officially took Jar Goods to market. These sisters ere mart and knew that the pasta sauce category is heavily saturated so they wanted to start small. They decided to start small and test their first batch of products by selling them at farmers markets and street fairs. People began raving about their sauce and they knew that there was definitely both a need and demand for their product.

The Classic Red is a combination of sweet vine-ripened tomatoes, savory onions, nutty olive oil, and tangy garlic. Pa Vitelli slow simmered these ingredients to create his famous Jersey City red sauce in his restaurant Jule’s for over 50 years. Laura and Melissa have brought this delicious homemade sauce to all of us by jarring it and sharing it with the world. Opening up a jar of Jar Goods sauce is really like tasting homemade goodness in a jar. Classic Spicy is given an extra spicy kick with a simple zesty spice blend. Classic Vodka takes the Classic Red and combines it with smooth vodka and heavy cream for a rich delicious sauce. All of the sauces are made with the freshest, highest quality ingredients and are non-GMO products. Any of these sauces can be stored in your pantry and enjoyed in minutes.

Laura and Melissa built a very grass roots company, very locally minded and community oriented. This company ethos along with their ambitious, hard working selves, they were able to gather a very loyal following for Jar Goods. Their local following grew and they kept pushing until they finally got Jar Goods on store shelves. Jar goods continues to grow as they released their Classic Vodka and Classic Spicy in August of 2015. Laura and Melissa continue to strive to jar delicious gourmet, artisan sauces for the world to enjoy in a heartbeat! Shop online with Louis Winz to pick up a few jars of Jar Goods sauce to have a fresh, homemade tasting sauce in minutes!