Cordy Kelly with her husband and her two sons, the Kelly family behind Kelly's Four Plus Granola.

Cordy Kelly with her husband and her two sons, the Kelly family behind Kelly's Four Plus Granola.

Cordy Gould Kelly started making granola in her Connecticut kitchen in search for a healthy and delicious snack for her children. Her children had a very active lifestyle and she simply wasn’t happy with the taste, artificial ingredients, and lack of nutrition of the products on the market. She started making her homemade granola for her children and they absolutely loved it.  The granola was just sweet enough for everyone, not as dry as al of the other brands and not over done with seeds and flavors.

Cordy’s sons are very involved in the sport of competitive rowing. Their oldest son Nate started taking their homemade granola to his rowing events and where he coached rowing. Parents and children alike couldn’t get enough of the granola and kept asking where they could buy it. Cordy and her family decided to debut their homemade granola in bags at the Maritime Rowing Club in South Norwalk, Connecticut where they all trained and coached rowing.

The granola was a big hit at the rowing club and soon the athletes that practiced there and the coaches who coached there started bringing in orders from their friends and family. Then parents started bringing in orders themselves for their whole families. Everyone kept asking where they could buy it. Finally Cordy and her family realized that they had not only created something great for athletes looking to recover from training, but a healthy and delicious snack for everyone. The Kelly family got together and they decided that they had to share their granola with the world and Kelly’s Four Plus was started.

They still make their granola in small batches and hand-bake every batch like they did in their own kitchen but they have moved to a bigger commercial kitchen to keep up with demand. The granola is still sold in the Maritime Rowing Club as well as local Connecticut markets as well as New York, Georgetown, and Florida. More and more markets are adding this product all the time, as it is truly healthy and delicious.

Kelly’s Four Plus granola starts with four healthy ingredients including whole grain rolled oats, all natural canola oil, all natural raw honey, and pure maple syrup. They add dried fruits, raw nuts, dark chocolate, and other natural flavorings to crate their 6 different flavors. This truly is granola the way you like it, perfect for a snack, or at breakfast lunch or dinner.   Shop online with Louis Winz and pick up a few bags of Kelly’s Four Plus granola to have your granola truly the way you like it!