Sound Sparkling Tea

Salim Najjar and Tommy Kelly, friends and co-founders of Sound Sparkling Tea. 

Salim Najjar and Tommy Kelly, friends and co-founders of Sound Sparkling Tea. 

Co-founders Tommy Kelly and Salim Najjar founded Sound Sparkling Tea based on a need for a refreshing, tasty drink that wasn’t sweetened. The beverage market is flooded with items that are sweetened with both sugar and artificial sweeteners. The reason for this is that sugar is an addictive substance and it leads to people getting hooked on drinks and buying more. Sound was found on the belief that not everything we eat and drink needs to be sweetened as we have forgotten the natural deliciousness of many things.

Tommy received his BS in Mechanical Engineering fro Loyola College in Maryland. He currently lives in New York City with his wife and produces and sells his favorite drink Sound Sparkling Tea. Salim received his dual BS in Electrical and Computer systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York before taking a job as an engineer. Soon after Salim realized sitting in a cubicle wasn’t for him and began on his entrepreneurial quest by getting involved in real estate. Salim now lives in New York City and helps his partner Tommy oversee Sound Sparkling Tea.

Sound was truly a product born out of necessity. Tommy Kelly wanted a drink that was both refreshing and wasn’t sweetened, and he got bored of drinking sparkling water and hot tea. When Tommy was unable to fin anything on the market that satisfied him, he started playing around in his own kitchen.  Tommy put his engineering degree to good use and started carbonating his unsweetened pure iced tea.  In 2014 Tommy brought it to his then co-worker Salim who absolutely loved it. In early 2015 both Tommy and Salim left their cubicles to launch Sound Sparkling Tea.

Sound was born based off of a desire for a purer, refreshing, simpler drink. They did not want a product with fillers, preservatives, refined sugars, and artificial flavors. Sound Sparkling Tea is a simple beverage with just organic pure ice-cold tea and carbonated bubbles. Tommy and Salim use only the highest quality ingredients to craft their delicious beverage. They pride themselves on being transparent in both their ingredients and their business practices. Shop online with Louis Winz and pick up a few bottles of Sound Sparkling Tea for a refreshing, unsweetened beverage like none other!