Nothin But Foods

Jerri Graham and Steven Laitmon, co founders and presidents of Nothin But Foods.

Jerri Graham and Steven Laitmon, co founders and presidents of Nothin But Foods.

Jerri Graham, the founding partner of Nothin’ But Premium Foods, started her company with the goal of creating a snack with the taste, texture, and ingredients that she herself wanted and would feel comfortable feeding to her daughters. Jerri found that many of the snack bars and snack items on the market lacked excellent flavor and texture and had too many unknown artificial ingredients that she did not feel comfortable feeding to her children. Nothin’ But Premium Foods was born with this simple dream when Jerri Graham began making delicious and nutritious snack bars in her kitchen that she wanted to eat, share with the world, and most importantly feed to her own family,

Jerri started selling her wonderful snack bars to local markets, farmers markets, gyms, and more. The response to her bars was incredible and people were left wanting more and more. Jerri had a very big dream but she could only do so much herself in her tiny little kitchen. She knew that she would need help in order to keep up with demand and bring her dream to full fruition.

One day in perfect timing, Jerri received a phone call from Steven Laitmon, a very successful businessman that bought a few Nothin’ But Bars at the recommendation of his wife Nathalie. Steven was a few bites into the bar and he was compelled to give Jerri a call. Steven called Jerri and from their first conversation they know they were on the same page. Both Steven and Jerri were tired of all of the shelves full of snacks out there that were full of unknown and unidentifiable artificial ingredients while still lacking good flavor and texture. The first meeting was full of back and forth ideas for new great tasting, nutritious, and simple food products that they could create. It was clear that Jerri and Steven were meant to take this journey together and the rest is granola history, as they like to say.

Jerri and Steven do not consider themselves to be food snobs or even foodies. They are just two people that know delicious food can be created with simple, nutritious, real ingredients and without all of the fillers. They do what they do because they connect to this product on many levels; as parents, as entrepreneurs, as consumers, and as people believing that everyone deserves readily accessible nutritious, real, and great tasting food. Jerri and Steven craft all of their artisanal, small batch granola bars and cookies knowing and caring that people will be feeding this to their families and children. These are snacks that Jerri and Steven feel proud and comfortable eating themselves and feeding to their children and they hope to share this with the rest of the world.  Shop Online with Louis Winz and pick up some of these delicious, nutritious, and real granola bars and cookies made by Nothin’ But Premium Foods!