Q Drinks

Jordan Silbert, Founder and CEO of Q Drinks Tonic Waters and Sodas.

Jordan Silbert, Founder and CEO of Q Drinks Tonic Waters and Sodas.

It all started one warm summer night in Brooklyn when Jordan Silbert, founder and CEO of Q drinks, had some friends over to his backyard and they were having some gin and tonics. Several drinks later, Jordan realized that his teeth started to feel very sticky and slimy. He quickly picked up the bottle of tonic water and noticed that it had 25 grams of high fructose corn syrup, several artificial flavors and artificial preservatives. Jordan noticed his friend Sara was drinking a sprite and he asked to see the can for a moment. He looked closely at the ingredients to discover it had 26 grams of high fructose corn syrup, and the same artificial flavors and preservatives as the tonic water. Jordan brought this amazing discovery up to his friends and they couldn’t believe it as they thought tonic water was basically like club soda. It is true; people rarely realize how much sugar and artificial filler and flavors are in tonic water.

Jordan thought that it may be the Gin, but he kept thinking that someone should make better tonic water. He could not shake the idea as he kept lingering on it and thinking of new great ideas. Jordan just couldn’t get over that his friend Justin brough over this beautiful, expensive bottle of Tanqueray and they were mixing it with a bad product full of sugar and artificial flavors. He kept looking at the bottle of Tanqueray and the plastic bottle of no-name tonic water next to it and the ideas kept bubbling. Jordan knew that he could make better tonic water, one that him and his friends could gladly mix with their favorite spirits.

It took Jordan four years to make his tonic water. The first step was tracking down reputable, local farmers to source the highest quality, fresh ingredients. Jordan started messing around with recipes in his Brooklyn kitchen for quite some time before he had the amazing final product that he was proud of. The rest of the time was spent with an excellent designer agonizing over every aspect of their beautiful bottle.

Q Tonic Waters were greeted by the beverage industry with love. Some of the best and most famous restaurants, bars, cocktail lounges, and food markets were buying Jordan’s tonic waters. At first Jordan started in New York City delivering cases of his product himself with his dad driving. The company started getting a lot of press coverage and people wanted more than just tonic water that was this delicious and this healthy. Jordan agonized all over again to create several other Q drinks including a cola and a ginger beer that are just as good and high quality as their tonic water. Q Drinks make the worlds best sodas and tonic waters. Beverages crafted with higher quality ingredients that come together to make these delicious refreshing products. Shop online with Louis Winz and pick up a few bottle of Q Tonics and Sodas to give your home bar and your drink line up the quality they deserve!