Victoria Amory & Co.

Victoria Amory, founder and chef of Victoria Amory & Co.

Victoria Amory, founder and chef of Victoria Amory & Co.

It all started for Victoria Amory when she and her husband moved from their Manhattan apartment to a cottage in Florida. Being of Spanish decent, Victoria believes it is in her blood to welcome people into her home and cook for them. She was so happy that her new cottage actually had a real kitchen opposed to her tiny New York apartment. She became reinvigorated by her love of cooking and sharing her recipes with the world.

Victoria and her siblings grew up spending time in both Madrid and Sevilla. She spent her teenage years at boarding school in England with her sisters. When Victoria reached her 20’s she moved to New York City and loved it so she decided to stay. She now lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with her husband and three sons.

Victoria inherited her love for cooking and entertaining from her parents, the count and countess de la Maza. Their parents were always entertaining and their house was always filled with friends and family celebrating. Every meal was a big memorable event for Victoria’s family as she was growing up. Victoria has now and always loved entertaining and having friends over to share in her home cooked meals. It is a source of comfort and inspiration for her and she feels as if it is her way of giving back to all of those that she loves. Victoria has gone on two write and publish several books and articles about cooking and entertaining at home as well as starred on several cooking TV shows.

Victoria Amory & Co. started after Victoria sold over 200 jars of her sauce in 10 minutes at a school fundraiser with her children. Victoria aimed to crate products that were effortless, everyday, and entertaining. She wanted to show everyone that entertaining and coking for people doesn’t have to be stressful. With these products people can have their own friends and family over and cook them delicious food without stressing at all. Victoria takes pride in this and it makes her feel as if she is helping others more easily get together and eat and celebrate together which is such a big, important part of life.

Victoria believes that cooking is one of the most important parts of our lives especially in today’s day and age. Cooking is both nourishing and comforting and today when budgets are tight and stress, anxiety is at an all time high, cooking is so important to bring us all together and allow us to enjoy life and the little things. Victoria believes that she is helping people by providing them with delicious, effortless meals where they can simply enjoy themselves, friendship, and families opposed to the stress of cooking.

Victoria’s recipes are simple easy, and full of flavor. All of her sauces come from experience, family recipes, and many years of trial and error to get her recipes just right. She likes to think that she has jarred the flavor an experience of years of entertaining, cooking for tons of friends and family. Shop online with Louis Winz and pick up a few bottles of Victoria Amory sauces and condiments to make your next dinner party an instant success!